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Amber Musk & Oud Yara Rollerball Duo Eau De Parfum

Amber Musk & Oud Yara Rollerball Duo Eau De Parfum - Oud & Oudh

Recognizing that choosing a single fragrance can be more challenging than it sounds, Oud & Oudh ingeniously blends two of its distinctive perfumes to craft the Oud & Oudh rollerball....
Midnight unisex fragrance edp

Oud & Oudh - MIDNIGHT Eau De Parfum

A symphony of aromatic artistry unravels within the woody composition, immersing you in a profoundly immersive and visually evocative olfactory journey. The delicate whispers of jasmine, carried by a gentle...
golden sand oud perfume oil in dropper bottle

Oud & Oudh - Golden Musk Perfume Oil

£19.00 – £43.00
Golden Musk is a fragrance that marries the sweetness of roses with the enigmatic allure of oud. Caramel and vanilla introduce a dash of indulgence, rendering this scent perfect for...
Perfume oil and Eau de parfum set

Arabian Nights & Oud Royal Layering Set EDP & Fine Oil - Oud & Oudh

Arabian Nights Embark on a voyage to the enchanting Arabian Nights, a realm where the atmosphere is saturated with alluring fragrances, and the night sky shimmers with countless stars. Here,...
Amber Oud Roller Fine Oil

Amber Oud Roller Fine Oil - Oud & Oudh

£9.00 – £30.00
Crafted with a flawless fusion of ingredients, this fragrance is flawless and is destined to become a beloved. It commences with a burst of citrus, releasing a vibrant and invigorating...
Beautiful Scented Candles Elevate your senses

Midnight Scented Candle - Oud & Oudh

Midnight Scented Candle By Oud And Oud Experience an aromatic masterpiece Midnight our exquisite home candle, where a symphony of scents unfolds within a woody composition. Immerse yourself in a deeply...
Oud & Oudh - Oud Rouge Perfume Oil

Oud & Oudh - Oud Rouge Perfume Oil

£19.00 – £46.00
Aromatic poetry unfolds with the woody fragrance, revealing a deeply concentrated and visually evocative olfactory experience. Delicate hints of jasmine carried on a gentle breeze, combined with the luminous presence...
Hajar Al Awsad Roller Fine Perfume Oil

Hajar Al Awsad Roller Fine Oil - Oud & Oudh

£9.00 – £30.00
Hajar Al Aswad is among the most renowned and beloved Arabian fragrances, bearing a striking resemblance to the Hajar Al Aswad attar or perfume applied to the Black Stone of...
Best seller Amber Perfume

Oud & Oudh - Amber Musk Eau De Parfum

This opulent fragrance draws inspiration from the exotic allure of the Middle East. The iconic musk heart is elevated by a luxurious golden Amber blend, the radiant essence of Orange...
Reed Diffuser - pud and oudh

Amber Scented Reed Diffuser - Oud & Oudh

Amber Oud By Oud And Oudh  Elegance beckons in the gentlest of ways. Amber Oud, in its Reed Diffuser form, radiates freshness, warmth, and allure. Impeccably crafted to infuse your space with...