Perfume oil and Eau de parfum set

Arabian Nights & Oud Royal Layering Set EDP & Fine Oil - Oud & Oudh

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Arabian Nights

Embark on a voyage to the enchanting Arabian Nights, a realm where the atmosphere is saturated with alluring fragrances, and the night sky shimmers with countless stars. Here, the indulgent allure of oud and amber eagerly awaits you. Leave behind the ordinary and venture into a world of exploration, where the perfect harmony of saffron and rose, culminating in a sandalwood base note, beckons. This fragrance is designed for those who are enticed by the enigma of scents, promising to transport you to a realm of sensual pleasures. Surrender to the enchantment of Arabian Nights, a perfume oil as exotic and mystifying as the very land from which it draws its name.

 Top Notes: Black musk,

Middle Notes: Fruity notes, Spicy notes

Base Notes: Sandalwood


Oud Royal

Indulge in an enchanting encounter with Oud Royal, where the essence of oud wood seamlessly intertwines with the subtle warmth of your skin, forging a delicate union. Elevated by the captivating nuances of gourmand vanilla and the exquisite infusion of Bulgarian and Turkish roses, this fragrance exudes an irresistible magnetic charm that entices and captivates.

TOP NOTES:  Bulgarian Rose & Turkish Rose

HEART NOTES: Vanilla & Agar wood

BASE NOTES: Violet & Benzoin

Size: 20ML

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