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Midnight Scented Candle - Oud & Oudh

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Midnight Scented Candle By Oud And Oud

Experience an aromatic masterpiece Midnight our exquisite home candle, where a symphony of scents unfolds within a woody composition. Immerse yourself in a deeply immersive and visually evocative olfactory journey as the delicate whispers of jasmine, carried on a gentle breeze, entwine with the luminous embrace of saffron, accentuating the mineral facets of ambergris and the freshly-cut cedar's woody allure. Midnight candle radiates a radiant and sophisticated aura, gently enveloping your surroundings, akin to a soft murmur of amber and the harmonious fusion of floral and woody notes. Midnight perfumed candle are crafted with strong scent using candle fragrance oils

Midnight Scented candles created with strong candle fragrance oil.


TOP NOTES: Saffron & Jasmine

HEART NOTES: Amberwood & Ambergris

BASE NOTES: Fir resin & Cedar

Hand-poured in the UK, our candles are Vegan Friendly, allowing you to enjoy the captivating fragrance with a clear conscience.

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