Oud & Oudh - Wood Rose Eau De Parfum

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The fragrance begins with incredibly smooth and gentle woody notes in the opening. Over a short period of time, the aroma undergoes a fascinating transformation, evolving into one of the most captivating and transporting scents you've ever encountered.

Comprising a super potent blend of Taifi rose, three distinct musk varieties, amber shamamah, saffron, and Hindi oud, this fragrance demands to be experienced and discussed. Its projection is notably strong, ensuring that it will catch the attention of those in your vicinity and elicit compliments. The overall character of the aroma is far from pungent or animalic; instead, you'll encounter a luxurious oud brimming with smooth and soothing notes that pose no challenge to the senses.

Owning Wood Rose is like possessing a piece of oud that can whisk you away to the opulent palaces of Dubai, nestled in the heart of a desert where sultans gather to burn the highest quality agarwood chips and savor Arabic coffee alongside Turkish sweets.

Top notes: Saffron, Wood

Middle Notes: Amber, Taifi Rose

Base Notes: Hind Oud, Velvetier

Size: 50ML

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