Musk Him & Oud White Rollerball 2 Piece Eau De Parfum set

Musk Him & Oud White Rollerball Duo Eau De Parfum- Oudh & Oudh

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Recognizing that choosing a single fragrance can be more challenging than it sounds, Oud & Oudh ingeniously blends two of its distinctive perfumes to craft the Oud & Oudh rollerball. Singularly or both blended together it creates a scent that lasts the entire day.

At one end:

Musk Him- Musk Him possesses a floral quality, yet it's soft and warm, reminiscent of a comforting, well-worn scent that seamlessly melds with the skin. Undoubtedly, it exudes the freshness of clean laundry, akin to the feeling of just having stepped out of the shower.

Top Notes: Red Berries

Middle Notes: Iris

Base Notes: Musk

At the other end:

Oud White- Oud White presents a captivating Woody Spicy fragrance. The intertwining of precious rose and saffron with rich Oud results in a scent that is both magnetic and addictive. This fragrance exudes class, power, and sophistication.

Top notes: Saffron

Middle notes :Rose and Patchouli

Base notes :Agarwood (Oud)

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