Golden Musk & Egyptian Musk Rollerball Duo Eau De Parfum

Golden Musk & Egyptian Musk Rollerball Duo Eau De Parfum - Oud & Oudh

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Recognizing that choosing a single fragrance can be more challenging than it sounds, Oud & Oudh ingeniously blends two of its distinctive perfumes to craft the Oud & Oudh rollerball. Singularly or both blended together it creates a scent that lasts the entire day.

At one end:

Golden Musk-Golden Musk blends the sweetness of roses with the mysterious allure of oud. Infused with notes of caramel and vanilla, this fragrance adds a touch of indulgence, making it ideal for those aiming to radiate sensuality and sophistication. It stands as the ultimate oriental perfume oil, transporting you to Arabian nights and opulence. Once you've embraced the allure of Golden Musk, parting with this exquisite fragrance becomes a challenge!

Top Notes: Rose, Woody notes

Middle Notes: Floral notes

Base Notes: Caramel, Vanilla.

At the other end:

Egyptian Musk stands out as an exceptionally unique fragrance crafted for both men and women. Its dynamic fusion of frankincense and myrrh notes provides versatility, imparting a sense of fresh cleanliness as it intertwines with the skin. A floral heart, highlighted by patchouli, brings an element of elegance to the scent. The opulent, sweet, and creamy coconut blends seamlessly with rose and enticing musk, creating an irresistible and enduring aroma.

Top Notes: Rose, Jojoba seeds

Middle Notes: Coconut, Musk

Base Notes: Patchouli, Frankinsense, Myrhh

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