Amber oud scented perfume dropper bottle

Oud & Oudh - Amber Musk Perfume Oil

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Luminous initial notes of orange blossom make for an unmistakable introduction, while golden amber exudes a captivating warmth that, when combined with musk, forms a deeply alluring aura. Creamy vanilla envelops the heart notes in opulence, resulting in a seamlessly blended olfactory experience. Balancing sweetness with a subtle hint of spice, the fragrance is underscored by a seductive foundation. Swirling tendrils of incense smoke intermingle with patchouli and oud, fashioning an irresistible trail of scent.

Top Notes: Musk and Orange Blossom

Heart Notes: Patchouli, Agarwood (Oud) and Leather

Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla and Incense.

Size: 10ML

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