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Understanding Oud: Its Essence and Fragrance

Oud, an exquisite and sought-after element, stands out with its complexity and captivating aroma. Its distinct and enduring scent distinguishes it from other options, making it a coveted choice. Delve into this article to explore the origins, allure, scent profile, and more about the captivating world of 'oud.'

What is Oud (Oudh)?

Oud, also referred to as agarwood or aloeswood, originates from a resinous wood derived from the tropical agar tree. When this tree encounters an infestation of mould (phialophora parasitica), it defends itself by producing a rich, dark aroma. The resin formed within the tree, known as oud, is harvested and utilized in various products, prominently in perfumery. Additionally, chips of the tree are widely employed as incense.

A Glimpse into History: The Origins of Oud

The roots of oud trace back to Assam, India. Its usage spans ancient cultures and persists in religious ceremonies, such as those within Muslim and Christian traditions. The process of obtaining oud is symbolic, symbolizing a rebirth—a transformation from corruption to an exquisite fragrance.

Today, oud is primarily found in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where its demand is at its peak. Due to its scarcity, variations of its scent are available worldwide.

In recent years, the surge in oud's popularity in the UK and the USA can be attributed to social media, particularly platforms like TikTok.

Why Oud Holds Such Appeal

Oud's popularity stems from several factors.

Foremost is its unparalleled and intricate aroma, highly sought after in the fragrance industry worldwide. Its scent exudes luxury, captivating the senses and earning adoration from a global clientele.

Moreover, its gentle qualities make it suitable for traditional medicinal practices, rendering it skin-friendly and well-received when incorporated into perfumes.

What Does Oud Smell Like?

The allure of oud lies in its multifaceted and irresistible scent. Some discernible notes include:

  • Smoky
  • Spicy
  • Musky
  • Woody
  • Vanilla
  • Tobacco

Exploring Oud Perfumes and Their Price Tag

Oud perfumes can command prices as high as $100,000 per kilogram! This steep pricing is primarily due to the rarity of obtaining its fragrance. The resin only forms when the tree faces a rare mould infestation, a phenomenon realized by a mere 2% of these trees. This intricate process contributes to the delicacy and exclusivity of the final product.

Furthermore, the agar tree is among the most expensive timbers globally, contributing to a market worth £5 billion. Its high demand has led to its classification as an endangered species, further amplifying its scarcity and value.

Distinguishing Oud from Other Scents

Oud is intricate; its allure not only lies in its delightful fragrance but also in its unique interaction with an individual's skin, creating an unparalleled aroma. This mysterious quality sets it apart from other scent choices available in the market.

Oud stands as an incomparable fragrance. For those seeking their signature oud scent, consider exploring some of Oud & Oudh iconic offerings:

  • Midnight: A delightful blend of spicy and sweet notes.
  • Mukhallat Oud: A mysterious infusion of vanilla and wood undertones.
  • Oud Golden Dust: An enchanting, oriental medley of aromas.

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