Maximize the Longevity of Your Fragrance!

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Maximize the Longevity of Your Fragrance! 

  1. Post-Shower Application: Amplify your favorite fragrance by applying it after a shower. Warm skin and open pores allow the scent to linger longer.

  2. Moisturize Before Fragrance: Enhance the staying power of your scent by moisturizing your skin before applying fragrance, regardless of the time of day.

  3. Dab, Don't Rub: After application, gently dab the fragrance onto your skin instead of rubbing it in. This helps preserve the scent for an extended period.

  4. Find Your Heat Zones: Apply your fragrance where your body generates the most heat. These areas differ for everyone; for me, it's often my legs!

  5. Vaseline Locks in Scent: A small amount of Vaseline before applying your fragrance can help seal in the scent for longer-lasting wear.

  6. Hairbrush Trick: Spray your fragrance onto a hairbrush and then brush your hair or beard. Hair provides a surface for the scent to cling to.

  7. Strategic Spots: Apply fragrance to the back of your wrist, behind the ear, or along the hairline. Hair helps retain the scent for an extended duration.

  8. Opt for Oud and Food Notes: Fragrances containing oud and food-related elements help prevent olfactory fatigue. You're less likely to become nose-blind to these aromatic notes.